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Joanne Rojas

Joanne was born in the south of England in Hampshire.  Having finished her studies, she was looking for adventure so she took to the high seas working for the largest duty free gift shop concession in the world.  She worked her way up the ranks from an entry level position, to finally managing the operation. After sailing for nearly ten years, and managing the "shops at sea," for many world- and 30+ day-cruises, she decided to acquire her land legs and give up her love of the sea. Talent and innovation run in her family.  Her sister, Rebecca, works as a costumer and designer for the London Opera.  Gareth, her brother, produces shows for many corporate clients, and her parents entertain nightly.  Wine, anyone? Joanne manages day to day operations at Rojas Talent Group, always wearing a smile.

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Our Mission Statement:
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